Happy beginning.

The year has come to an end..No shit. ‘Now is the time to remember the things that made your year’. I’m really tired of this cliched concept. No offense to optimism, but I’ll tell you what, try thinking of the things you DID NOT do this year. Long list, right? So is mine. 
  On a professional front, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, a good job, good promotion, good people, good boss! Amazing. On the personal front, it was a mixed bag. My ‘Best Friend’ is now my ‘Boy Friend’, the man I’ve been loving since a good 7 years. Lost many friends, made new one’s, same old; same old. Family..er, lets not get there. You see, every year, is a roller coaster ride, it goes up! Then down, then steady, then round and round and round. . .Ofcourse even life can be described as the same, but I’m a little slow, so breaking down things and then understanding them kinda works for me. We always commence a new year with one thing, hope. Hope to nail that interview (and hopefully start earning some money), get yourself a vehicle, pick up on a new hobby or nurse the older one’s, take a trip, lose weight! And how can we forget the forever-breaking new year resolutions? The resolutions that people make (and fail to keep), I don’t even wanna go there. But we never realize that the ‘hope’ soon turns into ‘expectations’ which human beings suck at fulfilling. A man can so easily forget the things he wanted to do in the year he is living in, and has the audacity to think of new one’s! ‘Moving on’ of the highest order! If only we could apply it otherwise. But then again, look whose talking. I honestly had my own list of things I wanted to do this year, pick up a new language, write, alot! Sadly I couldn’t even make my yearly trip happen! But the difference with me is, I still keep them on, for the next year. Learning a language, trip ‘s’, writing, I won’t give up on that, surely add more things to that list though. You can never blame a year to be good or bad, though you can blame your actions. Nevertheless, the year end is definitely a time to reminisce. The awesome, the best, the good, the bad and the worst. But if we really wanna bring about a change in ourselves, a good one, we need to have that perfect balance of comprehension of the good and bad we have done in the year. The things that made us smile, the things we did that hurt. The people we lost and the people we love. Not undermining, but not boasting of the good. Just the perfect balance. So that the coming year, we have less regrets. And most importantly, leave behind the bad, and carry forward good memories, as baggage is only a burden, which will make you tired, and finally put you down. On an optimistic note, I pray that all of mankind finally have it in them to stand up for the right, fulfill their promises, tell their loved one’s they love them and significantly, bring about a good change in themselves and start a NEW LIFE!!!. A very happy ‘new year’, and I mean it.




Am I an Adult?

Eyes get all watery on the smallest of things, thinking more by my heart than my peanut sized brain, love found and love lost has been my life’s favorite game, my birth certificate says 21 and my heart says 10, am I an adult? I really don’t have a clue.
        So, to a bright sunny morning with cold, dry winds is how I start my day. Woke up late, missed my train. Had a smile until it vanished apace. Been 21 years and 13 days since my b’day, I still come to terms with being an adult. I just don’t understand the term. What does it actually mean? Like SERIOUSLY? Uptil now in my life, especially after entering the ‘adulthood’ I’ve been asked on several ocassions to act like, ofcourse, an adult! Talk loudly, you’re an immature. Act funny means you’re not acting you age. Make fun of silly things and you’re a juvenile. Phew! The deduction that I have come down to through all this, is when you’re tame, not very expressive and mean, BINGO! You’re one of them. Argh, I’d rather act like a kid all my life than limit myself. Oh, sorry, try to limit myself (knowing that its just impossible) .
  We all have been kids and we all will grow up eventually, but which part is more capable of making you smile? Your childhood ‘muddy’ memories or the times when you spend your day in day out at your work place, trying to acheive something you’re not even sure of. Ofcourse I am talking about the big picture, but its a fact too! Growing up might sound fun when you’re a kid, but when that happens, you realize how wrong you were. Then again, life has phases and its all about new experiences. A kid, a teenager, an adult, parents, older parents, grandparents! All of this has its own peculiarity. There is one important thing that we all need to remember throughout; keep your inner child alive. Feed it, play with it, pamper it, adore it, because stealthily, that is something that helps you, at large, to keep going and be happy 🙂 Besides, being a child allows you to dream as much as you may, now who wouldn’t wanna do that? After all, ‘Childhood is not a phase, its a kingdom where nobody dies’. And I’m more than glad to be a technical adult and a mental child (haha, that sounds so wrong) more or less, I made my point.Image

Exactly how many things in your life are unpredictable? Can you name them, or guess ? Unpredictability in itself is unpredictable! The situations life throws on you, the good things and the bad, are all unpredictable. Expect the unexpected isn’t just a dialogue from good ‘ol movies. The people you know might turn out to be stranger than a stranger! Would’ve life been simpler if only such a thing never existed, I often ask myself. The only deduction I make out of it (given my nature of becoming easily bored of things) is ‘NO’. It has given people tough times and amazing one’s. If we dig in a little deeper (way deeper!) we’ll realize that nearly everything seems to exist on the basis of unpredictability. How? Talk about news. BREAKING NEWS. If only we knew what was coming our way, we could’ve prevented a lot many things. The shootings, the accidents, the killings, the deaths, the crimes. But would it still stop them? A question I’d like to ask a lot of people. Besides that, how would it feel to know every good thing that is about to happen, would you feel the same rush in the veins, those tears in the eyes, and that sudden lightening smile! Like everything else, even unpredictability has two sides to it. You choose which one you want to stick to.
Obviously, I’m in a blabbermouth mood! :p

Urgently Required: Uprising.

The recent news that has brought a mental tornado amongst people, the gang rape that took place in Delhi, has definitely affected the large masses. It created quite a stir when the news of a 23 year old female’s fate was brought down to a cruel stage. I was apalled. Shocked. But not surprised. My question to each of you is, does this change anything? Many of us are aware of the unfair that has happened in the past..If it wasn’t for the social media, would all of us know about this as instantly as we do now? The protests, the ‘black dot’ display pictures, how are they helping? The laws for such inhuman acts are linient and non-resisting, how does a ‘democratic country’ tolerate this. Delhi, rapidly becoming the capital of such incidents is not a co-incidence, given the frequency of such events. Who do we depend on, the government who fails to take as much as half the measures, or the society which is filled with such ruthless maniacs. What is more devastating is that even after such an act takes place, I still read about similar stories happening in the different parts of the country not more than a few hours later. This morning’s paper wasn’t as refreshing as it should be, for all I could read about was the devlish acts done by the devlish people. Why does our country fail so viciously at prevention knowing that cure is not our cup of tea. Justice is never served, people are forever scarred, and yet we continue to live in oblivion. Who deserves to die, the woman, who was nastily raped and hurt worsening her condition so much that she struggles to breathe on her own or the men, who raped the woman, treated her so inhumanly. I’m sure most of you might want the latter one to face death. How about being rational, if these men are given a death penalty, they’ll just simply die and get away with it while the woman continues to live with fear and scars, both mental and physical, hurting her for as long as she may live. I also read about a poll that Times Of India came up with, “What punishment should be given to the rapists?” Life Sentence, Death Sentence, Bobbitization, Chemical Castration. If any of these do happen to the rapists (given my lack of faith in the government, I doubt it might) will it prevent it from happening in the future. Why let it reach such a point where a man is capable of thinking of something as  gruesome as Rape. Why not have strict laws against  against equally  repulpsive acts such as Eve-Teasing? We live in an era where we literally have online games under the category of ‘rape’, could it get anymore disgusting!
         Am I safe walking on the street alone, taking a public transport according to my convenience, or should I think about the ‘Evil Men’ first? Will it be a bad thing if in my distant future, I welcome my daughter in this world, knowing that I might live in fear? Should these things affect me, now that clearly the incapability of our government and police men have surfaced. A cold shiver runs down my spine everytime I think about such things, praying that the next victim is not me. If we aren’t safe amongst our own people, then are we safe at   all?



The efficiency of a human life can be destroyed by a storm. If that sounds fair, then how about this..we get mentally disrupted with any sort of change that takes place in any part of our lives, ofcourse its the negative that I’m talking about. When has the positive ever affected anyone? Or has anyone even cared to notice?
           The root of very many problems can be solved by adapting three simple words “CHANGE IS CONSTANT”. People are temporary, time flies, life is all about phases; we all know these lines word to word, but we fail to fix them inside our head. I sometimes think, that the deepest point on the earth is not the Mariana Trench, it has to be the human mind! Its capable of consuming you whole, and what is worse? You still continue to live, under oblivion ofcourse. The tiniest to the biggest changes or transformations affect you more or less in the same way, the only difference is how you react to it. Some changes have taken place in my life, they haven’t precisely been fruitful, but does that make me capable of ignoring the good? Maybe yes or no. You just never know! But, there is one thing that changes multiple times in a single day, and we adapt to it like a chameleon, wonder what is it? The surrounding! Its just so hypocritical that we can wrap our head around the objective changes, the atmosphere, the climate, the situation, anything but the ‘idea’ that we have about our lives! Even the most important things change with time..as a kid, I wanted to be a ballerina, I grew up, got into junior school and I wanted to become like ‘Kalpana Chawla’, I grew up more and I wanted to become an artist! It just kept changing!! And it still is. I highly respect change. Its powerful, capable of making or breaking anyone, and more than anything I find it necessary. No matter how forlornly I accept it. ImageEven though change is constant, there are some very important things that will never change, that is my love for my loved one’s and your love towards your’s. It is these things that always stick regardless of your condition or situation. In a nutshell, benefitting or not, change is good.

The Parallel Universe..

Each life has a pattern, a pattern that differs from man to man. But it is that exception of curiosity that breaks the pattern, just the basic idea of questioning the mere existence or thanking it, makes that difference. Every now and then people want to breakthrough, have an experience that’ll perhaps get them the happiness that the simple things in life fail to provide. Or maybe they refuse to feel. The expectation of something magical happening is so ironic, when they just miss the magic that surrounds them. I do not speak for a man, a woman, a child or even an animal. I say this for the web of thoughts that cloud the judgement, being capable of hiding the real and pushing one to live in oblivion. 
         A diminishing pencil, less food supply, no clean water are equally capable of teaching the important lessons that an adrenaline filled trip, hiking in the mountains and cooking on a bonfire can teach..the basic lessons that we just miss! 
         Happiness, teachings, you are surrounded by them. You don’t need a mountain, but a clear head to appreciate the beauty of nature, the art of God, the love of a loved one, the acceptance that you miss them. No need for the pure air  to breathe when you have a pure heart pumping blood to your entire body, impacting your thoughts, actions and reactions. Its the self-realization, that everything, even the immediate layer that surrounds you, is a parallel universe..Image

If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?


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