The efficiency of a human life can be destroyed by a storm. If that sounds fair, then how about this..we get mentally disrupted with any sort of change that takes place in any part of our lives, ofcourse its the negative that I’m talking about. When has the positive ever affected anyone? Or has anyone even cared to notice?
           The root of very many problems can be solved by adapting three simple words “CHANGE IS CONSTANT”. People are temporary, time flies, life is all about phases; we all know these lines word to word, but we fail to fix them inside our head. I sometimes think, that the deepest point on the earth is not the Mariana Trench, it has to be the human mind! Its capable of consuming you whole, and what is worse? You still continue to live, under oblivion ofcourse. The tiniest to the biggest changes or transformations affect you more or less in the same way, the only difference is how you react to it. Some changes have taken place in my life, they haven’t precisely been fruitful, but does that make me capable of ignoring the good? Maybe yes or no. You just never know! But, there is one thing that changes multiple times in a single day, and we adapt to it like a chameleon, wonder what is it? The surrounding! Its just so hypocritical that we can wrap our head around the objective changes, the atmosphere, the climate, the situation, anything but the ‘idea’ that we have about our lives! Even the most important things change with a kid, I wanted to be a ballerina, I grew up, got into junior school and I wanted to become like ‘Kalpana Chawla’, I grew up more and I wanted to become an artist! It just kept changing!! And it still is. I highly respect change. Its powerful, capable of making or breaking anyone, and more than anything I find it necessary. No matter how forlornly I accept it. ImageEven though change is constant, there are some very important things that will never change, that is my love for my loved one’s and your love towards your’s. It is these things that always stick regardless of your condition or situation. In a nutshell, benefitting or not, change is good.


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