Exactly how many things in your life are unpredictable? Can you name them, or guess ? Unpredictability in itself is unpredictable! The situations life throws on you, the good things and the bad, are all unpredictable. Expect the unexpected isn’t just a dialogue from good ‘ol movies. The people you know might turn out to be stranger than a stranger! Would’ve life been simpler if only such a thing never existed, I often ask myself. The only deduction I make out of it (given my nature of becoming easily bored of things) is ‘NO’. It has given people tough times and amazing one’s. If we dig in a little deeper (way deeper!) we’ll realize that nearly everything seems to exist on the basis of unpredictability. How? Talk about news. BREAKING NEWS. If only we knew what was coming our way, we could’ve prevented a lot many things. The shootings, the accidents, the killings, the deaths, the crimes. But would it still stop them? A question I’d like to ask a lot of people. Besides that, how would it feel to know every good thing that is about to happen, would you feel the same rush in the veins, those tears in the eyes, and that sudden lightening smile! Like everything else, even unpredictability has two sides to it. You choose which one you want to stick to.
Obviously, I’m in a blabbermouth mood! :p


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