Happy beginning.

The year has come to an end..No shit. ‘Now is the time to remember the things that made your year’. I’m really tired of this cliched concept. No offense to optimism, but I’ll tell you what, try thinking of the things you DID NOT do this year. Long list, right? So is mine. 
  On a professional front, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, a good job, good promotion, good people, good boss! Amazing. On the personal front, it was a mixed bag. My ‘Best Friend’ is now my ‘Boy Friend’, the man I’ve been loving since a good 7 years. Lost many friends, made new one’s, same old; same old. Family..er, lets not get there. You see, every year, is a roller coaster ride, it goes up! Then down, then steady, then round and round and round. . .Ofcourse even life can be described as the same, but I’m a little slow, so breaking down things and then understanding them kinda works for me. We always commence a new year with one thing, hope. Hope to nail that interview (and hopefully start earning some money), get yourself a vehicle, pick up on a new hobby or nurse the older one’s, take a trip, lose weight! And how can we forget the forever-breaking new year resolutions? The resolutions that people make (and fail to keep), I don’t even wanna go there. But we never realize that the ‘hope’ soon turns into ‘expectations’ which human beings suck at fulfilling. A man can so easily forget the things he wanted to do in the year he is living in, and has the audacity to think of new one’s! ‘Moving on’ of the highest order! If only we could apply it otherwise. But then again, look whose talking. I honestly had my own list of things I wanted to do this year, pick up a new language, write, alot! Sadly I couldn’t even make my yearly trip happen! But the difference with me is, I still keep them on, for the next year. Learning a language, trip ‘s’, writing, I won’t give up on that, surely add more things to that list though. You can never blame a year to be good or bad, though you can blame your actions. Nevertheless, the year end is definitely a time to reminisce. The awesome, the best, the good, the bad and the worst. But if we really wanna bring about a change in ourselves, a good one, we need to have that perfect balance of comprehension of the good and bad we have done in the year. The things that made us smile, the things we did that hurt. The people we lost and the people we love. Not undermining, but not boasting of the good. Just the perfect balance. So that the coming year, we have less regrets. And most importantly, leave behind the bad, and carry forward good memories, as baggage is only a burden, which will make you tired, and finally put you down. On an optimistic note, I pray that all of mankind finally have it in them to stand up for the right, fulfill their promises, tell their loved one’s they love them and significantly, bring about a good change in themselves and start a NEW LIFE!!!. A very happy ‘new year’, and I mean it.




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