Science? Not really!

Heart throbbing, nerves on the edge, sweating profusely (or not), gut wrenching, brain wreck, pulse drops and then the instant rise, hightened senses, sudden boost of energy, the moment of ‘do it’. In a nutshell, Adrenaline rush. The term has plenty of definitions and examples surrounding it. It is a proven scientific thing, where a particular gland releases a particular fluid. But I personally find scientific definitions to be very precise and limited. Precise is good, limited on the other hand, isn’t. Thousands of people around the world have diverse examples or rather incidents exemplifying an adrenaline rush. For some it maybe bungee jumping, for some it could be the thrill of speed, some might also call an escape as a rush; escape from an accident, doing something you’d ordinarily not do. In the end, you have tons of example. Take me for instance, I would categorize the moment before a kiss as a rush!! There are plenty of examples, universally. Yet, given the scientific and the almost unbelieveably super-heroic nature of this particular magnifica, the definition can be exceedingly personal depending from person to person. Well, its all a matter of belief and cognizance. Nevertheless the concept still manages to amuse me, as I felt the same not more than a few minutes back.! Scientific discovery or the hidden super hero, take your pick!! 


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