A Wondrous Stare.

The heart begins to shudder,
your breathing loses a cue.
You miss someone and stutter,
Somebody so true.

The trueness you see from your eyes,
a soul both bright and blue.
Who’d be there to be by your side,
without even wanting a clue.

The storm would feel as a soothing wind,
the fire as a warmth of care.
The stillness of water wouldn’t scare me,
because you were always there.

It may seem I hadn’t heard a word,
it may seem I didn’t see.
But all of the things you taught,
meant a great deal to me.

You gave me glorious visions,
and values I always seek.
You’re exactly that I know of,
what a father could be.

Now, I sit by the window,
looking over the street.
I sense a palm running down my hair,
the way to me you’d greet.

You’re around, I feel it,
though I can’t always see.
The absence of you is where I look,
thinking ‘how could this be?’

So I hold close your picture,
something that God did spare.
‘I love you’, I say, and give it,
a wondrous stare!

P.S. When I begun writing this, I didn’t have my father in mind. But once it started, he was all I could think of! Perhaps he was the reason behind my writing it, I just didn’t know. I have no idea whether its good, bad, or decent. . . but what I do know is, this is exactly how I feel when I think of him.



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