Tale Of A One Seater Motorcycle.

     ‘You’ll never hear a story about something ordinary, people don’t find it worth their time.
Sure, you pity them, tell them they’re doing great and how it all matters, when actually it doesn’t. You never hear a story about something mediocre, you don’t gossip about it, you ignore it because it is everywhere. But what happens when you spot a UFO? You want everybody to
know, you make sure everybody knows, but of course what we’re talking about has nothing to
do with UFO’s, though you consider them almost as equals. You call them outcasts. Because something about their demeanor is different, they are different, and they are so awkwardly comfortable and proud of it. They flaunt it, they make sure it is seen, that they are heard. They
are everywhere! You just need to look out of your pathetic lives and see it. Because what you’ll see, is a difference.’

                                                              – He who didn’t wish to be named.

   He set off on his one seated motorcycle early in the morning, its one of the few things he called ‘routine’. Morning’s are the only time when the air is fresh, the city is calm, the roads are like fresh flowers with dew, everything is moving in a slow motion. No one is in a hurry, nobody is late, not a single soul concerned with a motion called ‘time’.
Most of the people he knew loved his ‘ride’, but it also concerned them as to why there wasn’t a seat for a pillion rider. ‘These are my legs that walk me down on the road of my destiny, nobody else can ever be fit for it, its like shoes, they’re not your size’. Needless to say his family was concerned, they didn’t like people talking about him, they were hurt. What most people refused to see is how difficult it is for him, to be riding alone forever. It wasn’t just about a pillion rider, it was a decision he had to stand by no matter what.
Its so easy for people to attach themselves to some other human being, but that is not the problem, the problem is when the time arrives to let them go. Its a human cycle that you fail to understand, one has to leave for another to come. Life, just like a book has chapters, and if you have someone that has been steady through most of it then you’re lucky. But you have to remember that in order for a new phase to begin, the previous one has to end, still you make a big deal about it, you make it a mess, possibly ruin every good thing, and then it hits you like brick. That is the problem, you people like the messy, you like the pain.

   He told me about the great things he had to give up, but he had no regrets. There was one thing he learned everyday over and over again – it is your journey. Nobody else can be with you in it, because they have their own journey to take, their own dreams to conquer. ‘Having a companion is great, it is one of the most poetically significant thing for a human. But you ruin it the moment you make it about the other one, you focus on their outcomes, on their actions, you start picking their mistakes and then eventually expect things whereas the only thing you had to do is focus on YOU. Focus on your actions, your outcomes, your own mistakes. That is the one most efficient way to keep the other one happy, by taking care of yourself. But imagination and fiction can be misleading, also, it can be a bitch.’

It can get pretty lonely, because the road you take may be one of those which have never been traveled. As you know, it is not easy. But one does not come down to such things because they ‘feel like’, it is always a push, some grave mistakes, some things which cannot be salvaged. Its only then when one of these two things come out in a person – Greatness or Necessary Evil. The latter can be seen everywhere, its the greatness that is rare and easily ignored. ‘People are so above themselves, they think they have a right to tell someone when they are wrong, when someone makes mistakes, when they are hurt because of it. They have a long term memory for wrong things and a short term memory for the kind. When someone says ‘one wrong can undo a hundred rights’ they are nothing but hypocrites. It takes heart and soul to do something good for someone, and it clearly has no value, if it did, they would know what to place above what. People must acknowledge their own mistakes, see things for themselves and know that making mistakes is a good thing. Its when you have done many mistakes, you’ll yearn and guilt will be one of the few lanterns, which will light your way.’

He kicked-started his motorcycle, who knew that even an engine’s roar could have so much to say, his one seated beauty shone against the rising sun as he set off, soon disappearing, as if he was never there. . .




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