10 Things I’d Like To Do Before I Die.


1. Get drunk in Oktoberfest.
Not that I have an appetite for drinking, BUT, I mean, c’mon. Its OKTOBERFEST. C’mon.




2. Take a road trip to Ladakh.
Nope, its not over-hyped. Yes, it is freaking amazing. HELL YES, I can’t drive.
(Gotta add that to the ‘shamelessly, the things I still can’t do’ list)


3. Publish a book.
I am no Jeffery Archer. But I sure can pen down a thought or two. Besides, all the beautiful people with the touching stories who have inspired me, deserve to be written about.



4. Be a mother.
Alright, alright. Don’t give me the ‘typical girl’ sigh. But its a miraculous thing, and one of the most purest relationship that exists.



5. Learn to sail.
There are three things in the world, which, for me, are breathtaking-ly beautiful: view from a mountain top, eyes of a pure soul and sea. 



6. Sky dive!
If you don’t have this in your ’10 things I’d like to do before I die’ list, then its a HUGE MISTAKE. Unless you’re Acrophobic or something. 



7. Attend a concert.
Yea, yea. That’s right. I haven’t seen any of my favorite bands play live. I live in India! Don’t judge me.



8. Take a trip to Europe.
So much History, diverse cultures, such delicious food, SWISS CHOCOLATES, Football, anything not worth it? I don’t think so.



9. Watch a football match.
I am a girl, and I can tell when it is offside. Woo-Hoo! Blame it on my boyfriend. Actually….nope, thanks for it. 



10. Finally, arrange for a death reaper to attend my funeral with a tape recorder playing knockin’ on heavens door
Ah. Perfetto.




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