I am a student, a non-girly girl, a procrastinator, a wanderer, and above all, I am a lover of words.
Even though I am extremely talkative, writing is how I truly express.
My thoughts are a pool in which I endlessly swim, without running out of breath, and that is where my words emerge from.

A mean dancer, loves good music, fine cook, crazy about dogs and a new football fan are the tiny bits I can tell you about myself.!!
The inspiration to write comes from these words below, and I hope to live up to them:

“Writing is not merely scribbling through sheets,
its a process, where you pour your thoughts,
through the pen, into the paper.”
– My Father.

However, much like my life, I am still ‘work under progress’.

I’d love to hear from you!!
Feel free to email me at prianca_destinyschild@yahoo.com

Thank you for reading!!



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