The anxious faces that walk around, trying to do everything, be everything right. Working hard to impress everyone at the first go, no mistakes, always on their toes! And then the same people, say after a few months, become so settled. They become what they were facing once when they first came in, they become you. The transformation is so radical. Just in a matter of time, people get so involved, dissolved and then disappear! What would first catch your eye, just a like a ‘new shiny object’ becomes rusty, old, though I’m not sure about invaluable. It all depends on how you set your foot into something, the way you carry ahead things, the people you get involved with, the things you take up, all of these are like an addendum in the end of a book, your book, and that decides the conclusion. You either become the popular one, seen everywhere with everyone, demanded, and probably envied. If not, then you become the normal one, someone with no entity. The origin of this thought might still be unclear to you, but it isn’t. Take this particular notion and apply it wherever you may desire; school, college, work place, new companionship and a lot more! This brings me to another thought..
The idea of love is so misconcieved. I’ve known people personally who use this sheer beauty and place it in the place of infactuation, results to which are absolutely clear. Then there are people who think that you can’t love just one person you’re entire life. Maybe, perhaps they are right, you do love a lot of people in your life, but there is always that one person whom you choose above all. The love for that person may be equivalent or more than those towards others, but yet, for some chemical trial that takes place in your heart, you choose that one person. I empathize people who have such thoughts. The thought of keep moving on and loving many people in their life. It has a positive outcome, you spread a lot of love in this process, lots of smiles, but often the people who are deprived of love end up taking such pace. The thirst that takes forever to quench, must be heart-wrenching. But what is more difficult, keep moving from one person to another or to stay with the one you choose. Its makes for quite an arguement. People have been hurt, people have also achieved glory. Everybody has their own choice. For me, the purity and love that dwells for the one person is beyond the uttermost imagination of a human. It takes soul, heart, the right mind and plenty of love for keeps. But as I said, the arguement can just go on..
The two thoughts have a major impact on an individual’s life. The first thought decides you. You on the outer shell, you may become known or unknown. Or the third choice that many people must’ve missed, is to be extraordinary, to be yourself, because being unique will never run out of fashion. The second thought makes for your innerself. The choices you make, the person you choose to love has a major impact on not only your transformation, but also of those around you. One may consider thinking it throught, or you always have the benefit of doubt.Image



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