Time had changed..and it has changed again.


I woke up this morning to despair and pain,
Time had changed and it has changed again.
Its the absence of someone that once I could claim,
I’ve lost a battle, and its just me to blame.

I opened my eyes and saw nothing I did,
No walls, no windows or something to heed.
All I saw was a white expanse,
With a stormy wind,
Touching the surface of the land.


I shiver with cold and there’s no one for me to care,
I die in vain as a hundred people stare.
‘You love me – I know’, I said to myself,
But I’m lost in the snow, wrong again.

I keep looking for your love, your anger, your caress,
But all I find to cuddle, is your beautiful dress.
You gave me birth and despised me too,
Still deep inside, I’ll keep loving you.


For now I’m a vagrant,
I’ve lost all my hope.
I see a ray of sunlight,
But there’s a long way to go.
‘An Eternal Life’ – I dreamed of years back,
So I’ll be living it now, and in the years ahead.


I catch a glimpse of someone, someone is so true,
Got closer and nearer, that is when I found you.
Eyes as deep as the ocean, no more pain for you to feel,
Just the purest soul, whose come for me to heal.
No cold for my hands to shiver,
No hatred that pierces my heart.
Only the warmth of love for which,
I have waited from the start.


When I wake up this morning,
There is no despair, no pain.
No absence of someone,
I can still claim.
No battle to win or lose,
No one to blame.




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