The Big Decision!

Decisions! Decisions! They are capable of driving you crazy! Be it the top you liked when you passed by a store or the different colleges you’re suppose to answer to, the pressure of making a decision can certainly consume you whole! Is there any way to escape this particular necessity, or you just have to be apprehensive of it you’re entire life. There you go! Another decision. Life vexes you with the petty things that bother you in an unbearable way; ‘which train to board’, ‘which dress to wear’; or something more bigger; ‘should you continue trusting that one person’, ‘is it time to resist’. The questionaire that your mind becomes is absolutely annoying.┬áThere is no escape. We’re sure about it. So how do we handle the restlessness?┬áThere are some really important things that come into play in such situations, for e.g. judgement. The juvenile cogitation and the lack ok ‘know-how’ clouds your judgement, hence pushing you towards wrong decisions. The practicality in the human nature is never considered more precious. But all these words are forgotten when you can’t think clearly! But one thing I’m sure of, my heart and my instincts have always played a significant role at such times. There is a reason your heart can do your mind’s work sometimes, because the mind is more likely to fall prey to the materialistic benefits but the heart knows what is right. And when you heart aches, you have your instincts. Its a concept which is vague to most of us, because instincts aren’t related to some organ such as the brain or the heart, its the gut wrenching feeling which rescues you from nowhere! Pretty much in time. The warm fuzzy feeling is so tender that its likely to be missed, and it does. Still, in all the thought of astonishment I come down to one thing, always take your time, because there is no need to hurry when you’re making up your mind !!



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