The Parallel Universe..

Each life has a pattern, a pattern that differs from man to man. But it is that exception of curiosity that breaks the pattern, just the basic idea of questioning the mere existence or thanking it, makes that difference. Every now and then people want to breakthrough, have an experience that’ll perhaps get them the happiness that the simple things in life fail to provide. Or maybe they refuse to feel. The expectation of something magical happening is so ironic, when they just miss the magic that surrounds them. I do not speak for a man, a woman, a child or even an animal. I say this for the web of thoughts that cloud the judgement, being capable of hiding the real and pushing one to live in oblivion. 
         A diminishing pencil, less food supply, no clean water are equally capable of teaching the important lessons that an adrenaline filled trip, hiking in the mountains and cooking on a bonfire can teach..the basic lessons that we just miss! 
         Happiness, teachings, you are surrounded by them. You don’t need a mountain, but a clear head to appreciate the beauty of nature, the art of God, the love of a loved one, the acceptance that you miss them. No need for the pure air  to breathe when you have a pure heart pumping blood to your entire body, impacting your thoughts, actions and reactions. Its the self-realization, that everything, even the immediate layer that surrounds you, is a parallel universe..Image


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