Like it. Love it. Live it.

We have all read and learned about the ‘great depressions’. The financial downfall that every nation had once gone through, the difficult times when the constitution; the very base of democracy as its said; is put under the hammer and questioned. We have also read and learned about the economical phenomenon, the rise amidst the fall of all that surrounds them. Our knowledge maybe loose, but the awareness is stronger than ever. This is something very global, perhaps over-shadowing a man’s debt whose knowledge is faltered by the same. We all owe a lot many things to a lot many people, not just money, but time, affection, assurance, a shoulder, a hand that pulled us up. None of us are free from debt. But the biggest of all debts that we miss, is our life. 
We have now moved on to a level where basic things like home delivery aren’t free anymore. But all of that is monetary. Life’s debt is something that is the hardest to pay. Money is easy, it can be earned, and there are many ways to do that. So how do you pay back to life? Every minute in our life, is borrowed time, and if there is any way of clearing that debt, its by living every borrowed minute of it. 
Difficult times, good times, worse times, we have all of those in a proper balance. But its the man who smiles through all of it, stands out. We have a tendency of taking everything for granted. Its a fact. Life is the biggest example! We can keep a track on the money by checking our bank balance, knowing very well when we might run out of it. The people around us can be judged by their behavior, thus giving us an hinting whether its time to say goodbye. But does it apply to our life as well? We can never sleep in the night hoping to wake up next morning, even though we plan too. Life will end without giving a prior notice, but the question is, have you lived it enough to have no regrets when the time arrives? Most of us have so many things to do. We all have a ‘bucket list’, I do to. But I haven’t been able to strike down even a quarter of that list. And I’m positive that most of you haven’t either. Its not a pressure, its not a task, its not even that difficult!!! All we have to do in order to make our life worth while is LIVE IT! Smile, be kind, act generous, stay foolish, stand up for what you want, sit down with old pals, fall in love; alot! In a nutshell, do what you do best. Act on it, fulfill it. And when the time of bidding goodbye arrives, it won’t make anyone happier, but it shall definitely make it less grievous. Afterall it is life, and we DON’T know it.



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