Road To Redemption. .

A shadow by my side,
momentary breaths.
shuddering steps,
and dreams ahead.

I walk on my way 
towards impulsiveness,
‘Its a road less traveled, 
don’t take it’ they said.

I dream with open eyes,
living in obliviousness.
Swim in the mighty tides
of my thoughts, I never rest.

Ice is like the sun,
sun like snowy winters.
Such is my glory,
my untethered visions.

I lay awake
under the stars that wink at me.
Take a look at my life,
in a way they would see.

I see a void,
a vacuum, emptiness.
I wonder what would fill it?
Love or simple consciousness.

There are numerous answers,
some you may never find.
The beauty of life is such,
its arduous yet divine!

So I take a vow,
to help my soul breathe.
To achieve an oasis of serenity,
no more tears for me to weep.


“This life is lonely, dark and deep,
but I have certain promises to keep,
and miles to go. . . .before I sleep.”






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