The Hypocrits.

I read this really awesome article in the newspaper today about how today’s young generation chooses the internet world over their parents. And this particular ‘doctrine’ pinched to me think about it, pinched me hard enough to come down to this – HAHAHAHA! 
To clear the air, I’d like to begin. Apparently a child’s best friend is now the social networking site, and various ‘stats’ (which I believe were random numbers picked out) state the different categories such as dummy accounts, people who use it just for the sake of chat, people who use it to express their feelings, etc. Now, I love the way certain organizations or online polls come up with such statistics. It is so blatant! I may sound like an angered teenager, but I’m not, infact I always believe in arguing from both sides, in this case the other side, is clearly concealed. 
People; I’m not sure which category to put them under; are forever trying to find reasons to blame. No matter what it is that we’re discussing about, blame is always the icing. In this case, they were bold enough to make such a statement, but overlapping the other things does not make it the truth. The social pressure, absence of care and moral support, religious obligations, and many such other things also play a vital role in ‘spoiling’ a youngster. The only way they benefit out of this is they get to blame. There is no sense of support for any kind of action that may lead to something wrong, but blaming something just because you are not able to fulfill responsibilities is certainly not accepted. The internet wasn’t a discovery that was recently made, it has been around for quite some time now. And no one learns unless they are taught. The elders refuse to believe that their actions have a supreme effect on the upbringing of the young one’s, they adapt to what they are surrounded with, and if they’re let alone by themselves instead of being nourished, like any other normal growing child, they turn to something they can confide in, friends, siblings, drugs, or the internet. There are reasons why new professions like child counselling are a growing sector, cos our surrounding’s have reversed in such a way that before a human hits the mere age of 15, he is already battling in his life. 
The worst part is when we accept hypocrisy with open arms and support it too. This isn’t the only case where the blame game happens. It takes place in every slightly politically connected thing that there could be. The only thing that is needed to be understood is that there is no one who can be blamed, except for yourself. Your actions, the things that you choose to adapt, choose to follow are the one’s that make the difference. The one that should be blamed when wrong and appreciated if correct. Judging the things that surround you doesn’t make you anything but a hypocrite, because you are very much a part of it. If charity must begin at home, change should too. So either choose yourself, or lose yourself in the privative and the most hypocritic world called the society. Image


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