The Vision of a Human Mind

Back in 2011, I remember putting up a status on a social networking site that said, “The easiest to say and the most difficult to do – LET GO.” Not to my surprise, a lot many people ‘liked’ my status, way lot. I knew most of them personally, some I hadn’t met in a couple of months though, but I still knew how they are. Now, what intrigued me is, how those different people who read those words and liked them, received it. Its very interesting if you go to think about it! Our planet consists of 7 billion people, all different from the other. To make understanding of the psychology easier, people are categorized. Its not the rich and the poor that I’m talking about, the only thing that makes a man rich or poor is the way he thinks. Generally I’ve seen people make the mistake of judging someone based on the outer shell, you know, the materialistic things, things that are not attached to your body nor is a part of it, but something that very well covers it. The people should be judged; not that anyone is great enough to do so; by the way they have accepted things in their life. The categories to understand people are very simple. We have the optimists, and the pessimists. And the amazing thing about this is that you’re materialstic possessions, the ‘greens’ that you make, the way you appear, your postal code has got nothing to do with it!! Its just and just your heart and mind. That is all. Anyone can expose their body, its exposing the thoughts that one is scared of!! The external layer is all nullified once another mind is let inside. They way humans around the world accept things, learn things, adapt change makes a remarkable difference. Its the distinguishing factor. Something that makes one extraordinary, or just plain mediocre. The words ‘let go’ can be highly misunderstood and misplaced. A pessimist would think that it is emptying a part of your life which can never be filled again, and that continues with sulking. An optimist would accept it as something that came and left, just like many other things in life, respect it and move on. None of them have any less value. Both the views are of great importance. I read this amazing quote by Gil Stern that said “Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invented the airplane and the pessimist the parachute”. As I said, none have any less value. The way we adapt and accept is one of the the major steps into discovering who we are. The example that was given in the beggining is very small, minute. There are larger things in life which we fail to see, give importance to, misjudge, and then suffer. The art of receiving goes way beyond the mind and its imagination, its something that starts within a soul, and you can never know where it ends. The great people in this world are very different from what we are. And had if they just sat and accepted failure and continued living a mediocre life, I might not have had a chance to write what I’m writing here in 2013! Its all a circle. It all depends on the choices we make. In the end, its the way you think is going to set a firing trend in this world. A trend to think big, do bigger, always smile, spread happiness. As petty as they may sound, the value is exactly is exacty the opposite. 
As one of my favorite song goes..”Live high, live mighty, live righteously”. 



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