The End.

I’m not sure about a lot of things in this world, not that I’m any less confident as a person, but there so many things I can never be too sure of. So many things, situations, results, even people! But yet there is one thing I’m absolutely certain about; my soul can never accept an ‘end’. All sorts of people are different types of emotional, to narrow the list, it comes down to two, openly emotional and secretely emotional. I, most probably belong to the latter category, even though my people would disagree. I have always been able to keep my thoughts and my feelings to myself, much like some other people in this world, but that is not something that affects you as much. As I was saying, acceptance of the ‘end’ is what bothers me. Every person you have in your life comes with a time period, it could be as short as a few days and as long as forever.
   In my personal experience, I have never been able to handle the fact that someone, something, that you once had, does not exist anymore. Afterall, the things that are closest to the heart are often difficult to let go. Its the unmatched chemistry of your heart and brain, cos you know they work on very different levels. Time moves on, so do you. But the pain that the separation causes can never be eased. But ofcourse there many ways to ease it a little, yet it has hardly made any difference. All could’ve been well, if it ended well.


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