Urgently Required: Uprising.

The recent news that has brought a mental tornado amongst people, the gang rape that took place in Delhi, has definitely affected the large masses. It created quite a stir when the news of a 23 year old female’s fate was brought down to a cruel stage. I was apalled. Shocked. But not surprised. My question to each of you is, does this change anything? Many of us are aware of the unfair that has happened in the past..If it wasn’t for the social media, would all of us know about this as instantly as we do now? The protests, the ‘black dot’ display pictures, how are they helping? The laws for such inhuman acts are linient and non-resisting, how does a ‘democratic country’ tolerate this. Delhi, rapidly becoming the capital of such incidents is not a co-incidence, given the frequency of such events. Who do we depend on, the government who fails to take as much as half the measures, or the society which is filled with such ruthless maniacs. What is more devastating is that even after such an act takes place, I still read about similar stories happening in the different parts of the country not more than a few hours later. This morning’s paper wasn’t as refreshing as it should be, for all I could read about was the devlish acts done by the devlish people. Why does our country fail so viciously at prevention knowing that cure is not our cup of tea. Justice is never served, people are forever scarred, and yet we continue to live in oblivion. Who deserves to die, the woman, who was nastily raped and hurt worsening her condition so much that she struggles to breathe on her own or the men, who raped the woman, treated her so inhumanly. I’m sure most of you might want the latter one to face death. How about being rational, if these men are given a death penalty, they’ll just simply die and get away with it while the woman continues to live with fear and scars, both mental and physical, hurting her for as long as she may live. I also read about a poll that Times Of India came up with, “What punishment should be given to the rapists?” Life Sentence, Death Sentence, Bobbitization, Chemical Castration. If any of these do happen to the rapists (given my lack of faith in the government, I doubt it might) will it prevent it from happening in the future. Why let it reach such a point where a man is capable of thinking of something as  gruesome as Rape. Why not have strict laws against  against equally  repulpsive acts such as Eve-Teasing? We live in an era where we literally have online games under the category of ‘rape’, could it get anymore disgusting!
         Am I safe walking on the street alone, taking a public transport according to my convenience, or should I think about the ‘Evil Men’ first? Will it be a bad thing if in my distant future, I welcome my daughter in this world, knowing that I might live in fear? Should these things affect me, now that clearly the incapability of our government and police men have surfaced. A cold shiver runs down my spine everytime I think about such things, praying that the next victim is not me. If we aren’t safe amongst our own people, then are we safe at   all?



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