“Talk to me”

Talking..words..communication. It has been the base of civilization, something that separates us from the other creatures on this planet. Its an amazing thing I believe, it helps you bond, get rid of inhibitions, opens you up as a person, makes you more knowledgeable, gives you peace and a lighter heart, its just a wonderful thing. Talking has brought plenty of changes in various aspects of life. It has helped us know people, our people, the people who would later become our loved one’s, just because you spoke and had a chance to look into their soul, hence bringing you closer to someone. Yea, talking is soulful. And its not an easy thing, not at all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a reserved or an outgoing person, its equally difficult for everyone. The only difference is that some people are less scared and more welcoming. It is ironic, people who talk the most face a lot of difficulty expressing through words, while the quiet one’s are unexpectedly good at it. This particular thing is so significant, yet we fail to realize it. Its not all that good really, as it is rightly said, every coin has two sides. If talking has brought people closer, it has also drifted them away. Its not the words that are suppose to blamed here, its the misuse of it. In negative times, we end up using this powerful source wrongly, saying things we would never mean to say. Now the problem is, the human mind functions in such a way that it catches and keeps the negative words very safely, thus turning you against someone, the result to which is not unknown. Most of the times, we use talking as a tool, and we forget the words or the worth of it. Many times we say things which we are absolutely certain about, yet we forget them, intentionally or maybe not. Its such a complicated process. Or its just the over-thinking that makes it complicated. When someone speaks and you listen, its simple, you use your heart to understand it, that is all. But when the cunning mind and the ego enters the picture, doubts, obligations and arguements enter too. So, is talking to someone a curse or a gift, more importantly, can you ever be too careful? From what I have experienced, the human mind can be very judgemental about words. Might even recieve it negatively. Talking definitely has its perks, though the absence of it can be gut-wrenching. You may run out of words, but it shall be worse if you run out of life before you could talk to someone, someone you’ve been meaning to express to, and someone who deserved it. We take all sorts of chances in our life, talking is the simplest and easiest of them. Its never too late to tell someone how you feel, how they make you feel. It doesn’t matter if its good or bad, what matters is using this resource for the betterment of things. Raising a voice or expressing, its all born out of words. It is not only righteous, but also necessary to use it well. Talking is a fragile thing, so we make sure we take care of this activity. Go ahead, and demand it, say the words ‘talk to me.’


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