Am I an Adult?

Eyes get all watery on the smallest of things, thinking more by my heart than my peanut sized brain, love found and love lost has been my life’s favorite game, my birth certificate says 21 and my heart says 10, am I an adult? I really don’t have a clue.
        So, to a bright sunny morning with cold, dry winds is how I start my day. Woke up late, missed my train. Had a smile until it vanished apace. Been 21 years and 13 days since my b’day, I still come to terms with being an adult. I just don’t understand the term. What does it actually mean? Like SERIOUSLY? Uptil now in my life, especially after entering the ‘adulthood’ I’ve been asked on several ocassions to act like, ofcourse, an adult! Talk loudly, you’re an immature. Act funny means you’re not acting you age. Make fun of silly things and you’re a juvenile. Phew! The deduction that I have come down to through all this, is when you’re tame, not very expressive and mean, BINGO! You’re one of them. Argh, I’d rather act like a kid all my life than limit myself. Oh, sorry, try to limit myself (knowing that its just impossible) .
  We all have been kids and we all will grow up eventually, but which part is more capable of making you smile? Your childhood ‘muddy’ memories or the times when you spend your day in day out at your work place, trying to acheive something you’re not even sure of. Ofcourse I am talking about the big picture, but its a fact too! Growing up might sound fun when you’re a kid, but when that happens, you realize how wrong you were. Then again, life has phases and its all about new experiences. A kid, a teenager, an adult, parents, older parents, grandparents! All of this has its own peculiarity. There is one important thing that we all need to remember throughout; keep your inner child alive. Feed it, play with it, pamper it, adore it, because stealthily, that is something that helps you, at large, to keep going and be happy 🙂 Besides, being a child allows you to dream as much as you may, now who wouldn’t wanna do that? After all, ‘Childhood is not a phase, its a kingdom where nobody dies’. And I’m more than glad to be a technical adult and a mental child (haha, that sounds so wrong) more or less, I made my point.Image


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