Of Women And Their Moods.

So, I travel in the “1st Class Compartment” of the local train everyday, I use it to head to work and come back from it too. During those 25 mins, I’m surrounded by these characters, all women, some are newly married, some divorced, some really old, some are in their late ’30’s’, some really drained because of the chaos of their children or the in-laws. Basically, I’m surrounded by different levels of frustration! Now, there are multiple ways of presenting yourself or lets just call it behavior. There are these cool women, high chances of them being a manager or something, acting like a boss, literally. Then there are these diabetic pots! One who can put you in a sugar coma, sweeter than you can digest. Then we have the quiet one’s, *silence*. Then the women who have their time of the month everyday, need I explain how they behave? There are so many types that I could just keep going on!!
    Us women can be very repetitive, I admit. But there is no creature on the face of the earth who can beat us when it comes to being frighteningly unpredictable!. Trust me, no one understands where it comes from. And I’ll break the ice for you; even a woman doesn’t! So, just to understand and clear the doubts that cloud my head, I took a drastic step of downloading the ‘Biodigital Human’. And guess what! Everything; except for the very thing that differentiates a man from a woman; is the same!!! Guess I’ll have to take up the study of a female brain, or psychology maybe. Nah. Even that won’t work. There are some serious chemical transactions that take place in our body which no one can account! A woman is an outright universe, something that can never be discovered entirely. The many roles that we play, the various qualities that we possess, someone who is angelic and can be dangerously demonic. But still, whats up with that pendulum like mood! I know what I have to study, prepare a thesis on, and get my post graduate degree in, and believe me, later as a profession I’ll be paid a fortune for it! Yet the human mind is a marathon runner where there is no finish line. So till then you may “figure” it out! 😉





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