Human emotions can be startling. There are so many, that I end up losing count. We also have our own personal set of emotions, something customized, something where two or maybe more emotions come together at once. And what I find funny is, that we can never predict them! We end up laughing when we’re suppose to be serious, crying when we’re suppose to happy, and misunderstanding when we’re suppose to be satisfied. So very unpredictable. You can completely classify emotions as different personalities of a person, lets say faces. Our actions, reactions, way of speaking, behavior, even appearance for that matter, is affected by the different faces we wear everyday. And what decides this? Its nothing like picking out a dress to wear. If it were that simpler! Our brain is so perplexing, the filteration process of anything is very unclear. The emotions we go through also has a disturbing effect on our surroundings. You start picking up on the lyrics if you’re sad, music if you’re happy, beats if you’re groovy. Its fascinating that how we have different perspectives and approach towards just one thing! I sometimes wonder, are emotions secreted from some organ? Not that I have heard, although they do excrete some sort of chemical, and if that is capable of instigating such varied emotions in a human body, then no doubt we’re an amazing creation! But more than that, the influence has a major role to play here. Nobody knows how they want to be, everybody is confused, there, another emotion! Just yesterday I was all funny, and now I’m; WEIRD. Its frustrating. You know, even if you read something written by someone, if you read it closely, you’ll actually understand how was he or she feeling at the moment. Interesting isn’t it? We all have a set perspectives, yet emotions are more in number and also strength. I doubt whether there is anything that can be done by a human without letting the emotions getting involved, be it professional or personal. The conclusion, we are one difficult set of creature’s!! 



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