Road To Redemption. .

A shadow by my side,
momentary breaths.
shuddering steps,
and dreams ahead.

I walk on my way 
towards impulsiveness,
‘Its a road less traveled, 
don’t take it’ they said.

I dream with open eyes,
living in obliviousness.
Swim in the mighty tides
of my thoughts, I never rest.

Ice is like the sun,
sun like snowy winters.
Such is my glory,
my untethered visions.

I lay awake
under the stars that wink at me.
Take a look at my life,
in a way they would see.

I see a void,
a vacuum, emptiness.
I wonder what would fill it?
Love or simple consciousness.

There are numerous answers,
some you may never find.
The beauty of life is such,
its arduous yet divine!

So I take a vow,
to help my soul breathe.
To achieve an oasis of serenity,
no more tears for me to weep.


“This life is lonely, dark and deep,
but I have certain promises to keep,
and miles to go. . . .before I sleep.”






A Reverie.

Thousands of eyes rest on me,
resembling the scorching sun.
They’re all looking down upon me,
as my soul tries to run.  .  .  .

Run away from this vicious world,
who tries to tether my thoughts.
My hopes and my imagination,
of love and peace, from the start.  

Times have arrived where the people,
my people, have lost their faith,
In goodness and in humanity, 
but not cruelty and hate.

My soul thinks, as it runs away,
how would it feel, to become a child?
Would I see the world differently,
Would the Gods of benevolence shine?

As I close my eyes and kneel down,
to the omnipresent almighty.
I think of the words which best describe,
the grief, the sorrow, the anxiety.

But I pray no more for the eradication,
of negativity in our thoughts.
Love conquers all – they say,
so here is what I sought.


I wish, my lord, you bestow on us,
the ability to forgive and love.
To make this world a happier place,
by subjugating the evil and the worse.

When that happens,
our universe will become, 
as happier and merrier I dreamed it to be.
And we shall all pass the baton,
of love and serenity.


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